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25 November 2008 @ 02:25 am

Before we start, there's one thing that you and I must agree on - Tina Fey is awesomesauce. AWESOMESAUCE! And you'd do absolutely anything to spread the Fey AND 30 Rock love. Yeah? Okay. Read on.

Around two weeks ago, another awesome human being, Cec (better known as cecism) alerted me to an article in which Tina was interviewed about being picked as one of Entertainment Weekly's 'Entertainers of the Year'. (Big mistake EW, she is THE entertainer of the year. The Black Crusader's are so out to get you guys...) ANYWAY, amongst the general flailness of reading words that came from Ms Fey's mouth, Cec happened to come across a rather interesting revelation...Tina Fey calls us "internerds"! Now this term is not to be confused with the people who sit in front of the computer all day playing Second Life or The Sims whilst eating corn chips from a Pooh Bear bowl. Or the ones who can recite program coding from the back of their mindgrapes. No, she's referring to the dozens hundreds millions BILLIONS of dedicated fans like Cec and I who come online to a site such as LJ and discuss and revelate about the 'happenings' of 30 Rock and everyone involved who make the show what it is. And share our fantasies of what we would do to Kenneth Ellen Parcell if given the chance.

Oh! And if you don't believe me...

EW: Is Oprah — and all the guest stars this season, like Jennifer Aniston, Salma Hayek, Steve Martin — an effort to draw people in? There's been some griping about it becoming the next Will & Grace...
TF: We always have a lot of guest stars, but we just happen to have a lot of very famous ones this year. I knew it would make the Internerds upset, but they have to just be patient. It's still the same show. We only ever have people who are really good at what they do, and we try to incorporate them into plots.

For whatever reason Cec and I thought that it would be cool to have badges declaring that we are indeed internerds, because y'know we're cool...

So with all the spare time I have, I thought it would be fitting to use that spare time for some good (because that's what Superman does) and create the spoken-of badges! HELLS YEAH!

In an effort to spread the Tina Fey love and just overall act like a bunch of internerds, feel free to take a badge and pledge your alliance to the internerds of the World! (Ooo, I'm good, I should run for vice-president).

Well it's funny you ask because I happen to have just the right answer(s)!

1. Choose a badge below, if you don't like any of them - eat my poo. No, don't.
2. Upload it to your own server, NO HOTLINKING PLEASE.
3. Paste the image link into the code below where it says 'PUT IMAGE LINK HERE'.
4. Paste the code onto your profile page, or wherever you like, and VOILA - you are now an internerd.
5. Leave a comment with your name or ~alias~ and I will add you to the list of 'Official Internerds'.



Onto the badges...

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

NOTE: If there is an overwhelming request for a certain coloured badge or another phrase involving the word, I will be more than happy to make one.

1. gemmi_joo
2. cecism
3. attitude_issues
4. athena2483
5. grayrace
6. vulcanicity
7. captrenault
8. fancifull
9. gregorypeck
10. glassbomb
11. savingpeople
12 bagelbite117
13. optional_joy
14. stresseater
15. herosquad
16. purpleeater1
17. missy307
18 kopernik
19 aetenae
20. missfoxie
21. tragicbeauty11
22. half_life33
23. 0o_faerie
24. littleninja245
25. verschreibsel
26. conworthy
27. vesisade
28. lynn_42
29. reddgray
30. babydykecate
31. dueladent
32. i_said_boourns
33. michellek
34. flaucinauci
35. ctsquirrel
36. gabx
37. teresadivicenzo
38. whalelines
39. sometimesartist
40. fey_daily
41. fastandfunky
42. cosmiclagoon
43. _onebreath
44. blienky27
45. twentyplanes
46. bertiebob
47. imnosuperman182
48. sinked
49. madscullyx13
50. sarcasmking
51. muic
52. the_popsicle
53. abby_road87
54. sweetbicoco
55. dameadama
56. blergg
57. jenaben
58. loveohlovelove
59. sixphanel
60. stamatina_rae
61. fallon_ash
62. pythiaprophet
63. livlovlaugh
64. s0phi4
65. stop_theworld
66. mareeana
67. eugis
68. everypoembreaks
69. shamethebells
70. savvy_kitten
71. inpeopleshapes
72. op_de_radio
73. lydiandme
74. umbrella_smile
75. vividahlin
76. emsy
77. ursulageorgi
78. let_me_sing
79. parisiantales
80. jaxparr0w
81. magic_truth
82. book232
83. annaxbanana
84. jayne_arts
85. ronyth
86. misswalsingham
87. amloveaffair
88. ifeelsoweary
89. odakota_rose
90. glitzerpony
91. doll_haze
92. jvrisprudence21
93. onesweetlovexx
94. so_vieh
95. spiffydonut
96. bertiedav
97. helenstamatina
98. [Bad username: myste"]


I hope this post has made you want to spread the Fey love, and most of all, was of some amusement. I'm sorry my graphic abilities are not dazzling, so if you would like to make your own badge, feel free, just link it back to this post for credit and of course, to let others become part of the clan.

This badge/group holds no legal binding or anything, it's all in the name of fun.


Damn straight. I'm delightful.
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tragicbeauty11: Liz/Princess Leiatragicbeauty11 on November 24th, 2008 07:42 pm (UTC)
gemma.: Liz [30R] :: They Don't Look Like Chipsgemmi_joo on November 25th, 2008 01:10 am (UTC)
FOR SHIZZLE!! Added you to the list, thanks!! :D

Love your icon, btw!